Bigger is better: our rolls are twice the size and last longer BUY NOW Aussie-made 3-PLY toilet paper, twice as big as a standard roll BUY NOW FSCĀ® certified, for the highest environmental standards BUY NOW

Why a Cheeky 3-ply?

We’re an Australian Made and Owned Family Business.

All our carbon emissions are offset through Greenfleet.

A new tree is planted for every one we use to produce.

Guaranteed low prices every day, and for every roll.

Avoid the supermarket struggle with home delivery.

Committed to the Environment

Our first priority is minimizing our carbon footprint:

  • Cheeky rolls are locally produced and shipped directly to the consumer rather than being shipped from the US or China
  • Multiple trees are planted for each tree that is harvested
  • Carbon emissions offset for our factory and shipping
  • Double size rolls reduce core material by 50%
  • Cardboard instead of plastic wrapping

Thicker. Longer. 100% Australian.

What more could you ask for?

The difference is obvious.

Bigger is better.